1" FOE Candy Pink

1" FOE Candy Pink
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Price is per yard. Fold Over Elastic Binding, also called FOE, is great for use in binding the edges of cloth diapers or cloth diaper covers. It gives a finished, professional look. You can even use it on unfinished edges. It binds and elasticizes in one step -– really a time-saver!

Fold Over elastic binding is easy to use, but can take some practice. Using a wide and long zig zag or 3-step zig zag stitch, stitch the elastic to the edges of the cover. Be sure to keep your stitches at the edge of the FOE. When you reach the areas where regular elastic would normally have been applied, sink your needle down, then stretch the fold over elastic binding as you sew. I usually stretch about 100% at the legs & one-half to three-fourths percent at the back and front. Click here for a short video tutorial if you need a little more guidance.

More uses for FOE:

Hair Ties more Hair Ties

Head Bands (requires hot glue gun & hand sewing)

Bow Tie Headbands (no sewing or glue!)

Skirt Waistband

FOE should be pre-shrunk prior to use. This is best done using a lingerie bag or a pillowcase tied at the top.

How much Fold Over Elastic Binding should I purchase?

Here are the approximate inches of FOE needed for my pattern

NB 30" S 35" M 40" L 45"

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1" FOE Red