Calico Cats -by the inch

Calico Cats -by the inch
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Polyester knit 1 mil PUL, Width: 60"

Sold by-the-inch so you can get as much or as little as you need:

Warning! If you order "1" you will only receive a 1" strip of fabric. This is to be ordered by the inch. Diapers: To determine how many inches you need measure the length and width of your diaper pattern. For example - if your pattern is for a small it is probably around 16" wide and long. The PUL prints are between 42 - 60" wide so a 16" cut of 44" wide fabric will give you at least 2.75 diapers (44"/16"). Add a few more inches & you can stagger the diapers, which will use the fabric even more efficiently. With my pattern I can get 4 smalls from 20" of a 44" wide fabric.

Using polyester PUL diaper fabric results in less wicking & leaking!

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