Tan Camo by the Inch

Tan Camo by the Inch
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 Width: 52/58"
polyester knit

sold by the inch

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Diapers: To determine how many inches you need measure the length and width of your diaper pattern. For example - if your pattern is for a small it is probably around 16" wide and long. The PUL prints are between 42 - 60" wide so a 16" cut of 44" wide fabric will give you at least 2.75 diapers (44"/16"). Add a few more inches & you can stagger the diapers, as in the picture below, which will use the fabric even more efficiently. With my pattern I can get 4 smalls from 20" of a 44" wide fabric.

**this particular print has what the manufacturer calls "skin wrinkles" on parts of it. They are not raised areas of the fabric, just tiny waves in the print that look like very faint wrinkles. In most cases you have to look very closely to see them AND only parts of the fabric are affected. There is a very good chance that your cut will not have any of theses wrinkles. If it does, it is is hard to see, especially with this print ;)


1/8 yd = 5"2/3 yd = 24"
1/4 yd = 9"3/4 yd = 27"
1/3 yd = 12"1 yd = 36"
1/2 yd = 18"2 yd = 72"
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