Microfleece Pink 25"X44"

Microfleece Pink 25"X44"
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Our Microfleece is 58-60" wide & 100% polyester

Microfleece is a wicking fabric. That means it pulls moisture away from baby for a stay-dry feeling. A dry baby means fewer rashes & a more comfortable night's sleep. 100% polyester fabric & very soft to the touch. Great as an inner layer for Pocket diapers, AIOs or even fitteds. Also fabulous for stay-dry liners, baby blankets, clothing & more.

Microfleece does not unravel or fray so its edges do not need to be finished. To make your own stay-dry liners simply cut the shape you need and voila!

Care Instructions: Microfleece does not shrink so pre-washing is not necessary. Items made with microfleece may be washed and dried on hot. Rash creams may cause staining, so if you care about that sort of thing use a microfleece liner when using rash creams.


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