Rusty * 25 * complete snap set

Rusty  * 25 * complete snap set
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Size 20 Rusty color polyacetal resin snaps. 25 complete sets, a total of 100 pieces. 50 Caps, 25 studs and 25 sockets.

A snap set is four pieces: 2 caps, 1 socket & 1 stud. The cap has a sort of stem on it called a prong. It goes through the fabric, then either the stud or socket is placed onto the prong through a hole in the center. The snap press or snap pliers then squash down the prong and it spreads out a little to block the hole so that the snap stays secure in the fabric. The cap lays almost flush against the fabric while the stud protrudes out to be "snapped" into the cap. Because the studs stick out they are usually placed on the wings of the diaper and the caps are usually placed on the front panel (or side for side-snapping diapers). This way the unused snaps on the front panel are smooth instead of poking out. Other people will reverse them on every other diaper so that they use an even number of caps and studs. Either way is right, as long as it works for you!
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